We were joined by many Year 6’s for their induction day at the school. They were to have a day long workshop on a project that not only spans Art but also DT and Music. Collaboration across domains is an element of my masters research (I’m interested to know if/how it enhances student creativity).

The students would be producing a fully functioning didgeridoo in DT from pipe and beeswax. In Art they would be decorating them with modern Aboriginal Papunya Art (dot art). Later going into Music to learn how to play them.


The day began with an introduction to Aboriginal Art. The presentation I produced (that can be seen below) was followed by a didgeridoo demonstration by music teacher Mr Greenwell.

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Following this the students begun the project, starting in DT with cutting their pipe and melting the beeswax to form the mouthpiece.

Within Art, the pupils had the option to spray paint their didgeridoos before going on to decorated animal shapes that I had cut out prior to the lesson on the laser cutter. Once dry they stuck the animals onto their didgeridoos and used washi-tape to add further decoration.

During this process, small groups of students were called out at appropriate times to learn how to play their didgeridoo. At the end of the day we had all 60 students playing their instruments in front of the Creative Arts building – it was incredible!

Copy of Copy of File_008 (1)



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