The objective of this project was to teach the students what should be happening in their mind when they draw from direct observation. They need to be looking at their object, most likely for a greater amount of time than their drawing! I would suggest an internal monologue is happening.

As well as teaching the pupils this skill-set, I wanted them to loose the fear of making mistakes and their never ending attempts for each detail to be “perfect”. For them to feel free, and let creativity flow. Then develop these imperfect drawings in a final piece (either in Photoshop or through craft) similar to my example below.




The Year 9 classes would be tasked with drawing their own face from a reflection in a mirror. We let the students trial out the blind contour drawing for the first step, and as expected all kept looking down at their drawing more than in the mirror. So, the next step was to add a plastic plate to their pencil/pen, stopping them from seeing their page. The pupils found this hilariously frustrating, and it worked. They went on to produce a large A1 sheet full on blind contour drawings of their faces.

They would then proceed to fill in the line drawings with patterns and block colours using a variety or media.

Option 1) Paint, felt tip pens, colouring pencils, collage.

Option 2) Photoshop.


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