The Year 7s were given an introduction to digital photography. Some students had never used a camera before, other than on their smart phones! It was great to open up this new exciting world for them to explore and be creative with.

Firstly the students were given a presentation about how a digital camera works, including the inner workings of a camera, aperture & shutter speed, and the differences between analogue and digital.

A brief description of focus and framing was provided to give students an introduction to the visual aesthetics of photography (from macro, to wide angle, and rule of thirds). All aspects for them to consider in the next step.

The Canon SLR cameras were handed out to students and the basic automatic functions were explained. The class had roughly 15minutes to go around the school grounds taking photos.

Once back in the classroom the pupils were shown how to transfer the photos to both PC & Mac, and guided to different levels of software to edit their images. Everything from the professional standard Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to the widely available Microsoft Photo Editor and even Paint (which is painful to say! Yet the students have access to this lower level software at home whereas Adobe software is very limited).




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…more to come soon!

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