Create a 3D animal head out of cardboard. Surround them with materials made to look like their natural environment so that they are hiding. Inspired by ‘Surprised!’ (Tiger in a Tropical Storm) by Henri Rousseau, 1891.




Firstly the students gathered images off the internet of three animal faces (ideally front on). After printing these out and sticking them in their sketchbooks, they proceeded to draw out each head, considering the different layers of cardboard they would need to produce the 3D effect.

The classes drew the outline of their base layer on to thick cardboard, which was cut using a band-saw. Each additional layer used slightly thinner cardboard that the students were able to cut themselves using a scroll-saw.

Using hot glue guns, the cardboard layers were stuck into place onto a thick cardboard background.

Next the student’s painted it all white to ensure the future paint colours remained as vibrant as possible.

Once the faces were complete, the students began creating the surroundings out of paper and found collage materials (such as tissue paper, wire, foam). Some more intricate leaves were cut from paper using the laser cutter.


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